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Civilian Student POCs

DoD and non-DoD federal agency civilian and private sector fellow students students should contact the NDU Registrar's Office if they have any questions prior to arrival.

Michael Day, Assistant Registrar (ES Rep):, (202) 685-2140

Larry Johnson, Registrar (ES Alternate Rep):, (202) 685-2140

Military Student POCs

Military students should contact their Service HR Representative if they have any questions prior to arrival. DSN Prefix: 325.

MILPER Chief: LTC Mark B. Howell
(202) 685-3921

NCOIC: MSG Earkes S. Siler
(202) 685-3576

USAF: MSgt Pam Taylor
(202) 685-2138

PSC (SW/AW) Temitope Alao
(202) 685-4006

USA: SSG Rainard Johnson
(202) 685-2140

Cybersecurity In-processing Requirements

IMPORTANT! All in-processing ES students must complete NDU cybersecurity requirements NO EARLIER THAN 15 JUNE 2020 and NO LATER THAN 27 JULY 2020. The DOD-US1364-20 Department of Defense (DoD) Cyber Awareness Challenge 2020 (1 hr) course must be completed in Joint Knowledge Online (JKO), the Joint Staff's Learning Management System (LMS) of record, unless otherwise specified. Similar courses completed in other service/agency LMSs will not be accepted.

Additional Travel Requirements

As part of the ES curriculum, all students will be required to travel overseas. Before traveling, all students must:

  • Complete the J3T A-US1329 SERE 100.2 Level A SERE Education and Training in Support of the Code of Conduct (FOUO) (4 hrs)  course in JKOSuspense: 1 Nov 2020. *NOTE: SERE training is good for three years. If you completed the SERE 100.2 course in JKO AFTER May 15, 2018, you will not need to complete the course again. To receive credit for completing the course, you must be correctly associated with ES in your JKO profile.

  • Complete the JS-US007 Level I Anti-terrorism Awareness Training (2 hrs) course in JKO. Suspense: 1 Nov 2020. *NOTE: Level 1 AT Awareness Training is good for one year. Do not complete this course in JKO until AFTER May 15, 2020. To receive credit for completing the course, you must be correctly associated with ES in your JKO profile.

  • Complete the Department of State High Threat Security Overseas Seminar (HTSOS) in NDU's Blackboard LMS. You will be enrolled in this course during your first semester.

  • Create or update their Isolated Personnel Report (ISOPREP). Students must complete SERE and Level 1 AT training prior to creating/updating your profile. It is advised to create/update your profile prior to arrival at the Eisenhower School as SIPR access on campus is very limited. If you are unable to do this prior to arrival, time will be set aside for group processing later in the year.

  • Have an official government passport (with the exception of Private Sector Fellows). If you do not have an official government passport prior to arrival, you will apply for one early in the Fall semester through NDU's Passport Office. To obtain an official government passport, you must ensure that your tourist passport is valid through June 2021. If you are bringing an official government passport with you, and it expires prior to November 2021, you will apply for the renewal of your passport early in the Fall semester.

Obtaining a DoD CAC (Non-DoD Civilians Only)

All students are required to have a DoD Common Access Card, or CAC. This will enable entry onto Fort McNair and the processing of travel vouchers within DTS. The information below is for non-DoD federal agency Civilian students who do not currently have a DoD CAC.

Prior to requesting a CAC, the security office of the non-DoD Civilian student's federal agency must have already passed the student's security clearance to the NDU Security Office. 

Once your agency has passed your clearance to the NDU Security Office, you must complete a Non-DoD Federal Agency Civilian CAC Application Form, and email it to Mr. Moses Johnson.

IMPORTANT! Do not complete the date of birth or SSN fields on the form, as this personally identifiable information, or PII.

Once you have emailed the form, call Mr. Johnson at 202-685-4374, and provide your date of birth and SSN over the phone. Once you have contacted Mr. Johnson, he will provide further guidance on the approval of your application. 

Once your application is approved, you will go online to schedule a RAPIDS appointment to have your CAC created.

Student Attire

The normal student attire is "business casual," i.e. long-sleeve, button-down shirt, jacket, dress pants, and dress shoes, and equivalent attire for women.

Occasionally, students will be required to wear a suit and tie (equivalent attire for women) or Military Class A uniforms for special guest speakers. Friday’s will normally be a blue long or short sleeve collared shirt, typically with ES logo, and dress pants.

Leave/Pass Expectations

All students should take any leave they find necessary prior to 30 July 2020. Once the school year begins, all students should plan on attending classes each day, Monday through Friday. A large majority of learning occurs during interactions in the classroom; so any requested absence from class is not normally permitted. This includes requests to complete other training, conduct interviews, or attend promotion/retirement ceremonies. Your opportunity to take leave or obtain a pass will be limited to normal weekends, federal holidays (three-day weekends), the Thanksgiving holidays (four-day weekend) and the Christmas/New Year break (two weeks).

Leave requests outside of these windows will typically be denied, with the exception of emergency leave.