Industry Studies Program

A major element in the Eisenhower School curriculum is the study of the resources component of national security. This is largely undertaken within the Industry Studies Program. This Program provides graduates a framework to apply analytical techniques in assessing the state and relevance of a selected economic-industrial sector to national security.

The objectives of the Industry Studies Program include:

  1. Develop a capability to analyze industry from a strategic national security perspective in terms of both the "general welfare" and the national defense in normal and crisis conditions;
  2. Develop a comparative analyses of U.S. and international participants in selected industries in both defense and non-defense environments in terms of their contribution to national and international economic and defense policies; and
  3. Develop a capability to analyze the role and effect of public policy on national security as well as economic and industrial crisis preparedness.

To achieve these objectives each Industry Studies seminar strives to:

  1. Evaluate the composition, structure, organization, and performance of selected defense-essential and other industries including an assessment of their ability to satisfy national security requirements in broad terms in peace and conflict.
  2. Understand the complex issues involved with maintaining an economic- industrial base capable of efficient peacetime production and rapidly increased output in emergencies.
  3. Analyze the American and international economic environment within which the selected industries function including the constraints to more efficient production both in peace and conflict including a specific evaluation of economic-industrial mobilization potential.
  4. Recommend ways to improve efficiency and/or ensure attainment of national security objectives through changes or additions to existing public policy.

The Industry Studies Program is executed as follows:

Each Industry Study is organized around a series of seminars with discussions facilitated by Eisenhower School faculty, prominent industry and government executives, and academic experts that focus on the critical aspects of the sector under examination. The Industry Study program includes an intensive field study component that is an integral part of the Program. Visits to domestic and foreign industry experts directly support the students' research. Seminars visit government agencies, labor, trade and public policy organizations, research facilities, financial institutions, and selected industry exemplars, including government prime and sub-contractor firms. The field-study program provides the laboratory to explore with industry executives and government policy makers those issues and concepts developed in academic research. It facilitates observation and examination of issues in operational settings. The international field study adds the dimension of comparative industrial analysis, permitting a realistic assessment of the relative performance of U.S. industry and the U.S. economy in a competitive world.

Each seminar develops an executive summary report, briefs other seminars, and makes a formal presentation to a prominent representative of the sector examined. The report and presentation provide a comprehensive executive-level view of the overall status and public policy implications of the sector examined. The final reports present industry composite information only; neither company specific nor proprietary information is published.

The following industries are studied:

  1. Air Domain
  2. Biotechnology 
  3. C4ISR
  4. Cyber
  5. Strategic Human Capital
  6. Electronic Warfare
  7. Emerging Technology 
  8. Energy
  9. Strategic Materials
  10. Global Agility
  11. Land Domain
  12. Missile Defense
  13. Munitions
  14. Nuclear Triad Command and Control
  15. Organic Industrial Base
  16. Sea Domain
  17. Space
  18. Undersea Domain