What is the scope of the program?

The Eisenhower School offers a full-time, in- residence program leading to a Master of Science degree in National Resource Strategy.

What does the curriculum cover?

The Eisenhower School program of studies immerses students in a joint, interagency and international environment. The curriculum is built around National Strategy and Resource Management for National Security and fully considers all elements of national power. Core courses of study include National Security Studies, Strategic Leadership, Economics, Military Strategy and Logistics, and Acquisition. These core offerings are complemented by Industry Studies programs. A wide variety of elective courses supplements the core courses and allows students to tailor their academic experience to their individual needs. Through the lecture series, the college attracts the most influential leaders in government, who freely discuss real problems in a non-attribution environment.

How does this program benefit my company?

Private Sector Fellows represent major US and international corporations. These Fellows contribute an industry perspective in the classroom. Feedback from Private Sector Fellow graduates and their companies confirms that the educational experience is immensely valuable. Professional associations developed during the academic year and sustained among the growing number of Eisenhower School alumni are a strategic investment in every participating company’s future.

What does it cost?

Tuition is $28,000. This fee covers tuition, textbooks and other costs, including extensive field studies, both domestic and international. Housing is not included; there is no university housing available. Invoices are mailed in October, and payment is due upon receipt.

Are there any other student costs involved?

There is usually a small fee agreed upon by the Student Council to support the yearbook and some social activities. This fee is the responsibility of the individual student, and is not mandatory.

Who is eligible to attend?

Students must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college, and must be able to participate in worldwide travel. Non-US citizens are eligible for this program.

How are military and government students selected?

To maintain the diversity of the class of approximately 320 students, the College has a specified number of seats for each category of students. For Industry Fellows, the maximum number allowed by law is 20. Students are nominated and selected from within their own organizations. Military officers must be at the rank of O-5 (Lieutenant Colonel/Commander) and above, and civilian government employees must be at grade level GS-14 and above (or equivalent pay grade for the agency).

Who should I nominate?

A good candidate would be a rising executive in your company. The following student body demographics may help you:

  • The student body is the most diverse of all senior-level service schools. Students come from all five branches of military service, the Department of Defense and many other Federal agencies, private industry, and more than 20 countries.
  • Students typically have had about 20 years of experience in increasingly responsible positions.
  • On average, students are in their early 40’s.
  • Of the US military students, 70% come from management, resource, or technical fields and 30% come from operations.
  • Of all incoming students, about 65-70% hold advanced degrees.  

Does my candidate need a security clearance?

There is no requirement for an Industry student, who doesn't already have a need for a security clearance, to obtain one just to attend the Eisenhower School. However, students are required to have completed a National Agency Check with Inquiry (NACI). Students attending NDU based on a National Agency Check with Inquiry (NACI) are required to pass their NACI confirmation with dates on company letterhead. The University requires every student to provide sufficient information to allow the NDU Security Office to approve access to unclassified computer systems and for issuance of a Common Access Card (CAC).

How do you handle students with degrees from other countries?

To verify overseas education credentials, we use the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO). You can read more about the evaluation of foreign education credentials under the heading "Premier Services" on their website: http://www.aacrao.org/.

Some questions on the application form do not pertain to my company. What should I do?

Unfortunately, the application form is not created or customized for Industry Students. Please fill out what you can, we understand that this application form is not going to fit every company. We will work with company representatives on an individual basis to ensure that your application meets all the requirements and is accepted before the deadline.

Can students do outside projects while attending the Eisenhower School?

It is important to recognize that Eisenhower School students are attending a full-time, in- residence program that requires full-time energy and focus in our postgraduate, executive-level courses of study. There is no time available during the academic year for outside projects levied by parent organizations. Eisenhower School students are attached to the Eisenhower School alone, and are not to be assigned projects from other organizations. Supervisors need to be aware of this policy and know that it is, in part, a basis for enrollment.

What company positions are usually held by recent graduates of this program?

Position titles vary according to the size of the company. In large companies, graduates typically hold positions of Director or Vice President. In smaller companies, graduates may hold positions such as Vice President or Senior Vice President.

How can I contact graduates of this program?

Our alumni will be glad to talk about their Eisenhower School experience. Please contact the Eisenhower School Industry Chair for a contact list of Industry Fellow alumni.

What is the deadline for applications?

The deadline for applications is four months before the beginning of classes. All applications are processed through the NDU Registrar. Applications selected to fill the seats allocated for the next class are sent to the Pentagon for approval. We allow approximately three months for these applications to be approved by the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness. Since the application process is so lengthy, we work individually with company points of contact to keep them informed of the status of each application.

When are applicants notified of acceptance?

Applicants are officially notified when the application packages have been approved by the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness. We anticipate approval and notification in June for classes beginning in August.

Please note: Since we realize people need time to move, companies need to approve funding, and so forth, we notify applicants that they are "provisionally" accepted. This is not the official notification of acceptance from the Department of Defense, but the notification from the Eisenhower School is valid. Once the NDU Registrar processes the application and the Dean of Students has approved it, notification could be as early as mid April. Official DoD notification will follow the notification of “provisional” acceptance.

What if I’m hired by another company, or leave my current company, while attending the Eisenhower School?

You must remain employed by the firm submitting your application package to be eligible for instruction throughout the academic year and to earn the Master’s degree.