Dr. Nicole Verrier Crain

Nicole Crain is Professor of Economics in the National Security and Industrial
Base Department of the Dwight D. Eisenhower School for National Security and
Resource Strategy at the National Defense University (NDU). In that capacity,
she is the course director for and teaches Economics of National Security, leads
the Biotechnology Industry Studies course, and is chair of the Faculty Committee.
Prior to joining the Eisenhower School, Dr. Crain taught economics at the Industrial College of the Armed
Forces at NDU and at Lafayette College, was president of Interaction Analytics, and directed aircraft
demand forecasting for the Americas at British Aerospace, Inc.
Her research interests include public finance, regulation, and conscription. She is widely published, an
active journal referee, and her co-authored publications on regulation are extensively cited, including in
the 2019 Economic Report of the President.
Nicole Crain has been a co-executive producer on a number of PBS-39 WLVT broadcasts, including shows
on CRISPR-cas9, cybersecurity, ASD, immigration, and live coverage of the 2016 congressional and
presidential elections. Dr. Crain earned her bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate at George Mason
University where she was an Earhart and Bradley Fellow, having been nominated by Nobel laureate
James Buchanan.