Dr. Clark Groves (USAF, Ret.)


Dr. Clark Groves is a Professor in the National Security and Industrial Base (NSIB) department at the Eisenhower School (ES) at National Defense University (NDU) in Washington DC. He is the lead professor for the Space Industry Study program, one of 20 industrial studies in the college. In this capacity he leads a group of senior field-grade military officers and government civilians in an annual in-depth analysis of the global space industry. Dr. Groves also directs the Defense S&T Acquisition course within the Senior Acquisition Course (SAC) concentration. This course analyzes the organization of a nation’s science and technology enterprise to support national defense, as a key element of strategic competition among great powers.

Prior to joining the faculty at the Eisenhower School, Dr. Groves served in the United States Air Force, achieving the rank of Colonel before retiring after nearly 28 years of service. His military career centered on scientific and technical duties related to spacecraft acquisition and support to space operations. His primary space acquisition service was as an advanced technology Division Chief at the National Reconnaissance Office, leading development of future space sensors and components. He was also a principle investigator and NRO payload program manager for the Van Allen Probes mission, a NASA science mission designed to create new models of the structure and dynamics of the Van Allen Radiation Belts.

Dr. Groves received his Ph.D. in space physics from Utah State University, and is a distinguished graduate of the Eisenhower School (then ICAF) at NDU, including the Senior Acquisition Course certificate from Defense Acquisition University. Dr. Groves served one year as a Visiting Scholar at the Congressional Research Service, assisting with analysis of space policy in the Foreign Affairs, Defense, and Trade division. He is a recipient of the National Reconnaissance Office Director’s Circle Award.