COL Steven Brewer, USA

Dean of Students/Assistant Professor

COL Steven Brewer is Joint Qualified, post-CSL (Battalion Command Equivalent) and SSC graduate (NDU/Eisenhower) with a passion for mentorship and teaching. Brewer is an innovative leader with experience building dynamic teams empowered teams to change paradigms within the Army, the Joint Force and across NATO. 

Brewer has Extensive civil-military experience including interagency cooperation with first responders, federal agencies and local and state officials. He participated in defense support of civil authorities (DSCA) during several events or natural disasters including LA Riots (92) and Katrina (05), Super Bowl XL (06). Brewer has multi-generational ties to the oil industry, including hands on experience in crude oil production as well as retail management.  

Brewer has a Bachelors in History from California State University with graduate level work in Education and Archeology.  He also earned a Master of Science in National Resource Strategy from Eisenhower School (formerly Industrial College of the Armed Forces), at National Defense University with Concentration in Weapons of Mass Destruction and Industry Study in Agribusiness.