Army-Navy Excellence Award

The Army-Navy “Excellence in Production” (“E”) Award was created in 1942 to recognize industries for their outstanding production contributions to the War and Navy Departments. It combined the Navy “E” Award, Army “A” Award, and Army-Navy Munitions Board “Star,” which had been in place since 1906. While all factories involved in war production were eligible for the award, this honor was only accorded to 5% of wartime industries. Recipients were chosen based on a number of factors, primarily the “quality and quantity of production in the light of available facilities...Other factors to be weighed may include: a) Overcoming of production obstacles, b) Avoidance of stoppages, c) Maintenance of fair labor standards, d) Training of additional labor forces, e) Effective management, f) Record on accidents, health sanitation, and plant protection, [and] g) Utilization of subcontracting facilities.” While the Army and Navy Production Boards, which nominated plants for the award, were dissolved in December 1945, recipients of the “E” Award still retain the right to fly the flag and wear the pins received for their service.

The Eisenhower School is proud to display an Army-Navy “E” flag gifted by the Class of 2018. This flag and the award it represents showcase the longstanding ties between government and industry and the integral role that industry played in advancing the war effort. It is vital for both parties to continue to foster this relationship in order to ensure that the U.S. maintains readiness to respond to any national security crises. With the Eisenhower School’s focus on industry and resourcing, the Private Sector Fellows Program is committed to strengthening the public-private sector bond and their ability to work together.