Eisenhower Students

Student at graduation

The Eisenhower School educates 330 students on campus each academic year. The school year generally runs from the first week of August to the first week of June. There are no correspondence course offerings or PhD level programs at this time. Students receive a Master's Degree (MS) in National Resource Strategy on graduation.

Service and government personnel are selected to The Eisenhower School for the express purpose of thinking in strategic terms and developing the intellectual capital to provide a foundation upon which to extend a career as a strategic leader at the most senior levels of the government. You will never look at the world the same way again after graduation.

Areas of study include the nature of strategy, the domestic policy process and the interagency system, international affairs and foreign policy, and resourcing and integrating the military instrument of power into national processes for strategy development (and the challenges of implementing a strategy at both the international and theater level). The strategic challenges of the 21st Century are many and complex with increasing resource constraints - there is a lot to learn in this 10 month program.

Our joint, interagency, and international student body is comprised of:

  • Senior military officers from all services – 56 percent
  • Departments of Defense and State and 10 other federal agencies - 34 percent
  • International military officers - 8 percent
  • Private sector – 2 percent

Students generally have approximately 20 years of experience in the military or civilian agencies, and have proven themselves as very high-level performers at the operational level. In addition, The Eisenhower School has a number of International Fellows and it is the only Senior JPME school with Industry Fellows.