Arrival Information

Military students must report in Class B uniform (USA), Service Class C (USMC), or Service uniform (USAF, USN, and USCG) to National Defense University (NDU), Marshall Hall, Bldg. 62, Fort McNair for pre-brief and sign-in with their military service representative (MilRep). Students should bring a copy of their assignment orders, detaching evaluation/FITREP (USAF exempt), and leave form (including local moves). Students should report no earlier than 25 July 2019, and no later than 1 August 2019. Note: Military students returning from overseas assignments may be approved to report early, subject to approval by NDU's Military Service Chairs on a case-by-case basis.


We strongly encourage civilian students attending our 10-month academic programs at Fort McNair to come to campus on one of the dates listed below. This is an opportunity for you to get assistance with any issues you have encountered with our pre-arrival requirements. Spending just an hour or two on campus will help ensure you are well-provisioned and ready to go on your first day.  Dress code for the optional visit is casual attire.


Brief Times and Dates:

  • Thursday – July 25, 1000-1200 and 1400-1600
  • Tuesday – July 30, 1000-1200 and 1400-1600
  • Wednesday – July 31, 1000-1200 and 1400-1600
  • Thursday – August 1, 1000-1200 and 1400-1600


Briefings will be in NDU, Marshall Hall, Bldg. 62, Rooms 155 A, B & C.  Contact your service/agency representative for more information.


ALL Eisenhower School (ES) students report to Eisenhower Hall, Bldg. 59, Room 107, no later than 0715 on 5 August 2019. University wide in-processing is scheduled to begin at 0800 on 5 August 2019, in the Atrium of Bldg. 62, Marshall Hall, Fort McNair IAW the schedule below. More specific requirements are listed below, PLEASE READ THOROUGHLY. For planning purposes, you should expect to be in session from 0830-1630 each day, Monday – Friday. 

Group In-processing on 5 August:

A to E

0800 – 0830

F to J

0830 – 0900

K to O

0900 – 0930

P to S

0930 – 1000

T to Z

1000 – 1030



Service Specific Information


Army: Report to the front lobby of Bldg. 59, Eisenhower Hall, for an Army Intro at 0800, Friday, 2 August 2019. Uniform is Class B short sleeve shirt with no tie. Contact Army Chair, COL Yolanda Hines at (202) 685-4439 or prior to signing out of your losing command. Army students will meet with Senior Leader Division (SLD) and assignments officers early in the academic year.


Air Force (both military and civilian): Report to Bldg. 59, Eisenhower Hall Lobby, for an Air Force Introduction, 0730, Friday, 2 August 2019. Uniform is short sleeve blue shirt for military, coat and tie or equivalent for civilians. Coffee and a light breakfast will be provided and the event will conclude by 1500. The USAF Chair is Col Eric Shafa, (202) 685-4477,


Navy: Muster in Bldg. 59, Eisenhower Hall Room 400 on Friday, 2 August 2019 at 0830 for Navy Introduction(s).  Uniform is Service Khaki. Also, bring Navy PT gear for courtesy BCA weigh-in following briefing.  Briefing will take place from 0830-1130. Coffee and a light breakfast will be provided.  The Navy Chair is CAPT Andrew Westerkom, (202) 685-4428,

Coast Guard: Prior to your arrival, Coast Guard students should contact the Coast Guard Service Chair, CAPT Mark Morin at, (202) 685-4459, or (808)445-5878. All Coast Guard students will meet with CAPT Morin at 0900 in EH 496 on Friday August 2nd. 

Marines: Report IAW direction from the USMC Chair COL Phillip Zeman. Contact info is or (202)-685-4359.


                        Early Arriving Civilian and Military Students: Contact your service/agency chair for further instructions.



Additional information:

  • Parking is available in the south side lot between Eisenhower Hall and Naval War College. Parking is also available on most of the surrounding streets. Parking spaces in front of the building and in the alley way on the ground floor are reserved for faculty and guests.
  • Access into Eisenhower Hall is controlled for all doors of the building.  You will be issued an NDU Badge which will give you access to the building on 5 August 2019.  If you are visiting prior to the mandatory reporting date, you will need to work with your host to enter and exit. For the first few days of class, prior to the issue of your NDU badges, the doors will not be secured and you will be able to enter and exit.
  • ALL STUDENTS MUST OWN A CAC READER which will allow for the completion of official digitally signed required documents and other administrative tasks.
  • Group in-processing is scheduled on 5 August at 0800 in the Atrium of Bldg 62, Marshall Hall, Fort McNair.
  • For planning purposes the first week, you should expect to be in session from 0830-1630 each day, Monday - Friday and 0830-1700.

Important Contact Info:







LTC Mark B. Howell



MSG Earkes Siler


Air Force

MSgt Pam Taylor


Sea Services (USN, USCG, USMC)

PSC(SW/AW) Temitope Alao



SSG Rainard John



Civilians (Both DoD and non-DoD):

Larry Johnson, Registrar


Michael Day, Assistant Registrar


Please visit the NDU website for detailed information regarding the below briefings.


Important Points of Contact

USN Chair:        CAPT Andrew Westerkom, USN  | | (202) 685-4428


USMC Chair: Col Phillip Zeman, USMC | | (202) 685-4359


USA Chair:            COL Yolanda Hines, USA | | (202) 685-4439


USAF Chair:            Col Eric Shafa, USAF | | (202) 685-4477


USCG Chair:             CAPT Mark Morin, USCG | | (202) 685-4459


DHS Chair:            Ms. Sarah Mironcow | | (202) 685-4500


DOS Chair:           Ms. Laura Griesmer | | (202) 685-4392


DOC Chair:        Ms. Margaret Hanson-Muse | | (202) 685-0814


CIA :                  Mr. Jeffrey Erickson | | (202) 685-4410


FBI:                      Mr. William Soderberg | | (202) 685-4795


USAID:                  Ms. Melissa Brown | | (202) 685-4320


DOE:                        Ms. Cynthia Lersten | | (202) 685-4805


DIA:                  Mr. James McGrory | | (202) 685-2271


NGA:                     Mr. David White | | (202) 685-4520


NSA:                   Mr. Stephen Bloor | | (202) 685-4483


OSD-P :                  Ms. Beth McCormick | | (202) 685-8032


Canada/France:           COL Mark Parent


DLA:    Mr. Bill Bennett | | (202) 685-4782


           Alumni Association:              Ms. Tamara Moller | | (202) 685-0812


Personnel Specialists/ HRD

Sea Services:               PSC (SW/AW) Temitope Alao, USN | | (202) 685-4006


Air Force: MSgt Pamela Taylor, USAF | | (202) 685-2138


Army:      SSG Rainard L. Johnson | (202) 685-2140


Civilians:       Ms. Leigh Ann Massey |(202) 685-2137