Commandant Welcome

Tigers! Class of 2019! Welcome!!


Congratulations on your selection to attend The Eisenhower School of National Security and Resource Strategy! There is no other school in the land like the Eisenhower School. With our integrated focus on strategic leadership, national security, long-term strategy, macroeconomics, business economics, industry analytics, industry studies, supply chain management, and senior acquisitions, and with the committed presence of the industrial base and innovation base in our program, the Eisenhower School is a "one of one" within the Department of Defense, within the U.S. government, and across the nation.


Your Eisenhower School Experience will be shaped during a pivotal time for our nation and for our alliances. You will embark upon your experience amidst a complex and dangerous global security environment the likes of which this nation and our alliances have not seen for decades. The new National Security Strategy and new National Defense Strategy- both published within the past year - have re-characterized our time as one of great power competition. To maximize its relevance in the current environment, we've streamlined, focused, and aligned your program to great power competition and have prioritized time for you to think and to process what you learn. We've laid the foundations of a new Eisenhower School Experience. The Class of 2019 will chart the course forward.


The Class of 2019 will have a unique opportunity to observe, experience, and participate in the dynamics of change. Our first meeting in Baruch Auditorium in August will launch the intellectual recapitalization of the next 10 to 15 years of your professional life. We are going to offer you the opportunity to elevate your game as strategic thinkers with the potential of becoming senior leaders. You will consider the idea that the foundation of strategic thinking is critical thinking and that critical thinking comes down to two simple questions and a challenge: "Why?", "So what?", and "Prove it !" You will examine your own potential as senior leaders with respect to your ability to recognize the requirement to change; to define the conditions for change; and to lead large organizations through the changes required to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.


As Eisenhower School students, your experience will be defined in great part by the relationships you build here. While it has always been at the heart of what we do, we're taking concrete steps to bring "Industry" back into your Seminars and into our conversation - an effort that will enrich your classroom discussions. It is critically important that you understand your obligation to internalize, then reinvest this experience and your relationships at a much more strategic level. It is a complex, pressurized, an intensely rewarding world that you will enter post-graduation. Much will be expected of you. We are confident that you will deliver.


Please consider, as you make your way towards Ft McNair, that what we ultimately  seek -   for  our people, for our children, for our grandchildren  -  is a Nation and alliances where our people are free to  live their lives in peace and security. We want to live in a world where truth still matters, not least of which are those self­ evident truths, "that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness."



Dean of Students Welcome

Members of the Class of 2019,


Congratulations on your selection to the Class 2019 of the Dwight D. Eisenhower School for National Security and Resource Strategy, historically named the Industrial College of the Armed Forces (ICAF). The Eisenhower School is the nation's premier educational institution emphasizing in resourcing the national security strategy. For Academic Year 2018-2019, your class will be comprised of 300 professionals who, like you, have distinguished records and outstanding leadership potential. Your classmates include U.S. and international military officers, U.S. civilians from defense and non-defense agencies, and Industry Fellows from various corporations.

The upcoming academic year provides the opportunity to test and strengthen your intellect, develop your confidence, improve your ability to think strategically and prepare you for positions of increased responsibility. The curriculum provides a broad background in national security and military strategy but more significantly, it focuses on resources management in a national security context. You will receive full credit for the Joint Professional Military Education II (JPME II) requirements needed to satisfy the legislative conditions for designation as a Joint Specialty Officer. Upon graduation, you will earn a Master of Science degree in National Resource Strategy, fully accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

We also offer a program rich in personal development opportunities. The Health & Fitness Program offers individualized assessment and advice on personal fitness. The Athletic Program offers each student the opportunity to participate in a variety of sports. There are numerous school- and student-sponsored social activities throughout the year, many of which are open to family members. Each of these experiences offers great personal rewards to those who participate.

The Eisenhower School’s schedule provides you the time to read, write, and reflect. However, there are many competing demands on your time. As with most challenges, the time and effort you invest now will pay big dividends, personally and professionally, in the future. Managing your time wisely enhances your success and personal satisfaction. We encourage you to prepare for a stimulating, challenging and rewarding year. To begin, please carefully review the information on the Eisenhower New Student Website located here. Take note that many of the tasks requiring action are not available until 15 June 2018 and the website will continuously be updated with information as it becomes available.

Welcome to the Eisenhower School!






Important Points of Contact

USN Chair:        CAPT Andrew Westerkom, USN  | | (202) 685- 4164


USMC Chair: Col Phillip Zeman, USMC | | (202) 685-4359


USA Chair:            COL Matthew Redding, USA | | (202) 685-4439


USAF Chair:            Col Eric Shafa, USAF | | (202) 685-4477


USCG Chair:             CAPT Jose Jimenez, USCG | | (202) 685-4459


DHS Chair:             Mr. David Lemek | | (202) 685-4465


DOS Chair:           Mr. Richard Holtzapple | | (202) 685-4191



DOC Chair:                 Mr. Andrew Wylegala | | (202) 685-4265


USG A/L :                      Mr. Jeffrey Erickson | | (202) 685-4410


FBI:                                  Mr. Thomas Olohan | | (202) 685-4795


USAID:                           Dr. Steven Pierce | | (202) 685-4497


DOE Chair:                    Ms. Cynthia Lersten | | (202) 685-4805


DIA:                                  Mr. James McGrory | | (202) 685-2271


NGA:                                 Mr. David White | | (202) 685-4520


NSA:                                  Mr. Stephen Bloor | | (202) 685-4483


OMB:                                 Mr. William Mea | | (202) 685-0813


OSD-P :                             Ms. Beth McCormick | | (202) 685-8032


Canada/France:          COL Stephen MacDonald , Canadian Army |  | (202) 685-3703

DLA Chair:    Mr. Bill Bennett | | (202) 685-4782


                                                                                                                Personnel Specialists/ HRD

Sea Services:               PSC (SW/AW) Temitope Alao, USN | | (202) 685-4006


Air Force: MSgt Pamela Taylor, USAF | | (202) 685-2138


Army:      SFC Ivory West, USA | | (202) 685-2140


Civilians:                       Ms. Kimberly Chapman | |(202) 685-2169