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NDU offers Private Sector Fellows the chance to engage with prominent national security policymakers in a collaborative environment, gain valuable leadership experience for their future career goals, and cultivate lasting professional relationships with military leadership.

Eligibility Requirements:

There are two categories of eligibility - one for the private sector firm fellow, and one for the prospective fellow.

Private Sector Firm Eligibility (must meet at least one):
  • Membership in the US Department of Homeland Security Sector Coordinating Council (SCC) (https://www.dhs.gov/scc); or
  • Belongs to a trade association that is a member of the SCC (e.g. the National Defense Industrial Association, Aerospace Industries Association); or
  • Can document significant and substantial defense-related systems, products or services provided to the US Department of Defense or other Governmental departments or agencies.

Firms not meeting any of the above eligibility requirements may still be accepted to participate pending NDU General Counsel determination.

Prospective Private Sector Fellow Eligibility:
  • Employed by an eligible private sector firm, and remain employed during their time at NDU; and
  • Hold a Bachelor's Degree from an accredited university; and 
  • Meet security/background investigation requirements (i.e. National Agency Check, with Inquiries [NACI]).

Applications for Admission:

Click below to access the Fillable PDF application forms:

Application Form →

Memorandum of Agreement →

Summary of Required Documents:

  • NDU/ES Private Sector Fellow Nomination Form 
  • One official transcript (highest degree earned)*
  • One-page student biography or résumé*
  • NDU Privacy Act Statement
  • Educational Release Records Form
  • Memorandum of Agreement


* Items provided by the prospective fellow and attached to application package.