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Welcome Class of 2019! The content below is provided to assist you in making the transition to the Eisenhower School from your previous duty station, institution, or occupation. There are essentially three categories of processing that you will need to complete. The first is the National Defense University (NDU) processing that every student on campus must complete, regardless of the college. This includes the necessary requirements for email accounts and internet usage, security, and government credit card applications. The second category is the Eisenhower School processing that includes official passport applications, medical records,  personal information questionnaires, and various items to facilitate successful participation throughout the academic year. The last category is the processing specific to your originating agency. Uniformed service members will have to comply with the requirements of their respective branches, as will civilians with their respective agencies. A checklist is provided below to guide you through the administrative process.

While some items may seem redundant, keep in mind that the Eisenhower School is unique among the colleges of NDU with its significant amount of travel in the curriculum. Much of the information requested is solely to facilitate this mission. Timely and accurate completion before the academic load picks up is essential.

Thank you and welcome aboard!

Please check back on this website periodically. Announcements and pertinent information will be released as they become available. 

- The Eisenhower Team

IMPORTANT: Student copies of Freedom's Forge will be distributed during check-in and can be picked up in Room 106.

Check- In Process Information

The following times are offered for incoming student processing at NDU. (Note that Eisenhower School will have a separate orientation at a later date.)


MILITARY:  Must attend both the pre-brief and the processing stations. (More Information)

CIVILIANS: Must attend only the processing stations which will occur from 1000 to 1600. (More Information) Note: Although the information site specifies that this is optional for civilians, it is a mandatory requirement for Eisenhower School students to attend one session.

All stations are open from 1000-1600.

 Briefing Times:

Thursday, 26 July 2018                  Marshall Hall, Bldg 62, Rooms 155 A, B & C Either 1000 or 1400

Tuesday, 31 July 2018                     Marshall Hall, Bldg 62, Rooms 155 A, B & C Either 1000 or 1400

Wednesday, 1 August 2018            Marshall Hall, Bldg 62, Rooms 155 A, B & C Either 1000 or 1400

Thursday, 2 August 2018               Marshall Hall, Bldg 62, Rooms 155 A, B & C Either 1000 or 1400


IMPORTANT: DO NOT COMPLETE JKO/ IA TRAINING BEFORE JUNE 15TH!!! Annual trainings must be valid for the duration of the school year. Completing training before this date will result in the necessity to redo it later in the year.

First, review the checklist to the left. It contains instructions for completing in-processing requirements. It is a simplified, consolidated checklist of all the necessary items that you, as an Eisenhower Student, must complete to successfully in-process.  Please note that NDU has overlapping requirements on the incoming students page. DO NOT COMPLETE THESE. Only complete the items listed on the Reporting Requirements Checklist to the left. 

The following are links to the listed requirements:

Before Arrival (Prior to 27 JULY but NO EARLIER THAN 15 JUNE)


During Check In (06 AUG)


No Later Than 31 AUG

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