Mr. Frank Pagano

Dean of Administration

Dean Frank Pagano assumed the duties of Dean of Students in May of 2010. He provides direction, guidance, and supervision to approximately 430 faculty, staff, and students as well as manages daily operations, facilities maintenance, logistics, and overall program execution. He ensures cost effectiveness and efficiency in the development and execution of organizational plans, policies, procedures, and a $5.1 million annual budget. The Dean is fully involved in the intellectual life of the College through teaching, lectures, and participation in seminars, including travel.
Prior to his assumption of duties as the Dean of Students, Frank served for over 26 years as a Naval Aviator. During his active duty time, he deployed five times in the Pacific, Indian Ocean and Arabian Gulf theaters of operation on a variety of frigates destroyers and cruisers. He commanded the Battlecats of HSL-43 and served as the Air Boss and last Executive Officer of the Aviation Amphibious Assault ship, USS TRIPOLI. While on board TRIPOLI, he completed a deployment during which TRIPOLI was the Flag Ship for Operation Vigilant Warrior, the second defense of Kuwait, and the evacuation of the Embassy in Somalia.
While ashore, he served on the Chief of Naval Operations Staff, first as the Research, Development, Test and Evaluation budget analyst for Air Warfare and then as the Requirements Officer for the Navy's newest class of helicopters. He is one of the original authors of the Navy's Helicopter Master Plan, an Acquisition roadmap for the Navy's Helicopter Community
He reported to the ICAF as a student in August of 1998 and graduated with Distinction in June of 1999. He reported to the Capstone Program for New Flag and General Officers in July of 1999 where he served as the Director until his transfer to the Fleet Reserve in 2003. He served as the first civilian Senior Director of the Capstone program from July of 2003 to December 2009. During his active duty and civilian tenure in Capstone, Frank has had the privilege of shepherding nearly 2000 of the Nations newest Senior Executives, Flag and General Officers through the course. Frank has planned and executed International Field Studies to over 80 different countries.
He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Aerospace Engineering from the Unites States Naval Academy, A Master of Science Degree in National Resource Strategy from the Industrial College of the Armed Forces and is a graduate of the Capstone course for General and Flag Officers.